Cancelled Surgeries

Our client, a patient suffering from bladder cancer, had three scheduled surgeries cancelled on short notice. He felt that his condition was not being taken seriously and came to us for advice. PASS helped the client raise a stage one complaint with the NHS, and new date for surgery was quickly set.

Unable to Work While Waiting

Following a procedure, our client was experiencing severe pain. Their GP had referred them to a specialist team several times, but they were still waiting for a response. In the meantime, our client was unable to continue to work. PASS helped them get in touch with the Patient Relations team. There had been a miscommunication between the specialist team and the client, which had led to the long waiting time. With this cleared up, the client was able to speak with a consultant and was referred to the pain management team.

Removed from Waiting List

After waiting for her ADHD assessment appointment for 2.5 years, our client was removed from the waiting list after being told the criteria for assessment had been changed. Our PASS Adviser supported her to submit a complaint regarding delays. Our client received an apology for her experience and lack of clear information provided throughout the period. PASS advised our client of next step options, including complaining to the SPSO, advising political representatives, process for re-referral by GP, and potential bureau assistance with benefits.

Delay in Treatment

After suffering from tooth pain, our client attended a dental appointment where he was to receive care and treatment, including an X-ray. At this appointment, his X-ray was cancelled. Despite continuing pain, the client was not offered an X-ray. After a year, he was diagnosed with mouth cancer. PASS supported the client throughout the complaint procedure, including support to write a letter of complaint to practice and then to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.