After an unusual reaction to her vaccination, our client approached her GP to ask for their advice. However, her GP dismissed her concern and, adding insult to injury, made an inappropriate comment about her age. Feeling abandoned, she came to PASS for advice. With PASS’s support, she received a sincere apology from her GP practice and the medical support she needed.


While in hospital for a procedure, our disabled client needed assistance to access the toilet. Nursing staff were unresponsive and did not help our client with personal care. Upset, they were able to raise a complaint with our PASS Adviser. A full apology was received. The Service Manager personally contacted our client regarding future admissions, assuring the client that appropriate equipment and staff training was now provided to insure it never happened again.

Lack of Aftercare

After experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, our client could not access after support or further investigation of her condition. She felt shut down and her mental health suffered from this greatly. She expressed how emotionally drained she was to the PASS Adviser, from whom she received emotional support and a space to talk. With PASS’s support, our client received an apology and answers to all her questions. The client felt very well supported.

Transgender Healthcare

Our client’s health deteriorated due to hormonal imbalance, however her GP refused to provide the hormone treatment she needed. Our client felt she was discriminated against due to being transgender. When our PASS Adviser drafted a complaint letter on her behalf, the GP explained they could not prescribe her the medication due to cost. Our client withdrew her complaint and brought it to her local health board instead, as well as contacting her local MSP. PASS liaised with the MSP, who is now investigating why bridging hormones are not easily accessible to the LGBTQ+ community in the region.