Wrong Medication

During a hospital stay, our client was given the wrong medication. They were anxious about making a complaint, as they are a regular patient at this hospital. PASS was able to assist them in writing their complaint, and they received an apology. As their feedback helped improve staff training, the hospital was grateful to them for sharing their experience.


Our client was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Twenty years later, they discovered that it had been a misdiagnosis. Though it was positive news, it was a huge shock and this misdiagnosis had a profound impact on their life. With our PASS Adviser, the client was able to submit a complaint to the NHS and discover why the mistake had happened. After that, we were also able to advise him on the process of making a legal claim.

Patient Request Refused

A consultant in a diabetic clinic changed our client’s child’s diabetic protocol, because it did not confer with the standard one. Although the new protocol caused concerning side effects, the client’s request for reversal was refused. With the help of PASS, an appointment with a different consultant was arranged for a second opinion. The child’s complex condition meant adjustments to the standard protocol were needed, which were made by the second consultant.

Concern About Loved One’s Treatment

Our client was concerned about their mother’s condition worsening in a hospital ward. They reported issues regarding nursing care, repeated failure to assist with their mother’s needs and lack of communication about the full extent of medical diagnoses. A PASS Adviser assisted the client to make a complaint and with meetings. The client wanted to ensure that failings were acknowledged and improvements made. The NHS issued apologies and additional steps were taken, to improve the medical unit and palliative care team.

Unsupervised Care

The clients’ daughter had unprescribed medications delivered in post while staying in a mental health hospital and passed away after taking them, unsupervised. PASS requested her medical notes, which showed that she should have been supervised whilst opening packages addressed to her. With PASS support, the client received an apology and information on gaining compensation. Their complaint led to change in hospital’s Search and Restricted Items Policy and Procedure. A plan is also in place for the rollout of new clinical risk assessment and management documentation.